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AR# 6702

1.5i/2.1i: FPGA Editor/FloorPlanner: XPrinter driver files (*.drv) have incorrect permissions on HP-UX 10.2


Keywords: xprinter, driver, file, permissions, print, setup, HP, Unix, 10.2

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The XPrinter driver files (which come from the WindU subsystem)
have read-only permission for all. This causes the XPrinter dialog
box to never appear on the HP platform. This affects the dialog
boxes which are launched by the File -> Print Setup... menu items
on the FPGA Editor and Floorplanner.


When trying to print or setup the printer either nothing will happen or a
the Floorplanner will core dump.



The XPrinter driver files should have read and execute
permissions for all. The permissions are also wrong on
Solaris, but it does not appear to cause a problem on
that platform. A workaround is to change the permissions
of these files to read and execute for all with the chmod
command. The HP files are: $XILINX/bin/hp/PCL4_41.drv,
$XILINX/bin/hp/PCL5_41.drv, and

An Example:
chmod 555 filename
chmod 555 $XILINX/bin/hp/PCL4_41.drv

This will be fixed in a future release of the software.


Use xviewgrab (or similar application) to grab the image on the screen.
AR# 6702
日期 07/09/2001
状态 Archive
Type ??????