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PetaLinux 2016.1 - Product Update Release Notes and Known Issues


This Answer Record acts as the release notes for PetaLinux 2016.1 and contains links to information about resolved issues and updated collateral contained in this release.


PetaLinux 2016.1 contains the following build collateral:

ComponentTag NameComments
Linuxxilinx-v2016.1Version: 4.4
U-bootxilinx-v2016.1Version: v2016.01

PetaLinux 2016.1 New Features:

Open Source Linux
  • QEMU, Linux and Bare metal Support for ZCU102 and ZCU106
  • Improved comments and documentation for Linux drivers
  • DTG Support for ZCU102
  • Updated AXI DMA driver to support Multi Channel DMA
  • Updated SYSMON to support UltraScale devices
  • CANFD device driver for Xilinx CANFD IP
  • DTG support added for 64 bit PL IP's
  • DTG support for PL devices and interrupts in Zynq MPSoC devices
  • Updated AXI Traffic Generator (ATG) driver for 64-bit support
  • Updated AXI VDMA driver to support Zynq MPSoC
  • USB 3.0 Device mode functionality verified for Mass Storage Gadget for Zynq MPSoC
  • Linux driver support for AXI Ethernet IP
  • Linux driver support for PL IP cores - AXI-DMA, AXI UART 16550, AXI UART Lite, AXI timebase WDT, AXI Quad SPI, AXI I2C, AXI CAN, AXI XADC, AXI Traffic Generator, AXI Performance Monitor, AXI GPIO in Zynq MPSoC devices.
  • SGMII support was added in macb driver to enable SGMII and PCS related settings for Zynq MPSoC devices.

Petalinux Tools

  • BSP support for both ZCU102 and ZCU106
  • Meta-Petalinux Yocto Layer is now available on GIT

Answer Record NumberAnswer Record Title
(Xilinx Answer 67158)2016.1 Petalinux - Petalinux-package command allows PMUFW to be included in the boot image
(Xilinx Answer 67159)2016.1 Petalinux tools - ATF can be built in OCM or DDR using Petalinux tools
(Xilinx Answer 67160)
2016.1 Petalinux - How to add packages to Petalinux

Power Management

  • All of the hardware features will be supported. For example, ability to power down each of the peripherals that support power management.
  • Powering down the PL will be supported
  • PL will be able to reset without resetting the PS
  • PS will be able to reset without resetting the PL


  • Support for SATA as a secondary boot mode
  • AXI Ethernet SGMII support for MicroBlaze
  • Added GEM SGMII support for Zynq and Zynq MP

Known Issues for 2016.1

Linux/StandaloneApplicationDescriptionWork-aroundTo be fixed version
LinuxDriversNo Display Port display on monitor using ZCU102 Rev-A boardNone2016.2
StandaloneDriversThe "MsaConfig->InitWait" calculation remains the same for RGB and YUV444.None2016.2
StandaloneDriversUpdate the DisplayPort SS TX driver to set the MSA to asynchronous modeNone2016.2
StandalonelibrariesZCU102 vector in TCM failed to jump to text in OCM on R5-1 coreNone2016.2



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