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MIG 7 Series - IP GUI crashes when clicking "browse" button on Windows 8 or Windows 10


Version Found: MIG 7 Series v3.0

Version Resolved: See (Xilinx Answer 54025)

When trying to run through the "Verify Pin Changes and Update Design" flow in the MIG 7 Series IP GUI, a crash occurs when the "Browse" button is clicked to navigate to the XDC file.

When the crash occurs the following error message can be found in the Vivado.log file:

'7vx690t.nph' in environment C:/Xilinx/Vivado/2016.1/ids_lite/ISE. child killed: segmentation violation 

The crash also occurs if I try to generate a new IP and read in the XDC pin out in the Fixed Pin Out mode. If I use the default pin out selections the crash does not occur.



This crash can Occur in Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating systems, and can be worked around by manually typing the location of the XDC and mig.prj files instead of using the "BROWSE" button.

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AR# 67168
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