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2016.1 PetaLinux - Installer Automatically Appends Sub-Directory to Target Installation Path


After I install PetaLinux and run petalinux-build I receive the following error:

petalinux-build -c rootfs -x do_gen_sysroot
INFO: Checking component...
INFO: Generating make files and build linux/rootfs
INFO: Generating make files for the subcomponents of linux/rootfs
INFO: Building linux/rootfs
[INFO ] do_gen_sysroot
[ERROR] ERROR: smart_install_pkgs: Failed to install pakcages because failed to do smart update.
ERROR: Failed to build linux/rootfs

My installation path is /proj/gsd/petalinux/2016.

Why is the build failing?


When installing PetaLinux, the user specifies a path similar to the above example. The PetaLinux installer then automatically appends a sub-directory of "petalinux-v2016.1-final" to this path.

In previous versions a simple work-around was to rename the appended subdirectory if required (For example, if the user needed to for their particular organization's installation scheme). 

This work-around no longer applies starting in PetaLinux 2016.1, because the Petalinux tools now include Yocto tools that have the installation path hard coded into them.

This is planned to be fixed in a future release, but the current work-around is to not rename the directory that PetaLinux installs to.

AR# 67416
日期 06/21/2016
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