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High Speed SelectIO Wizard - How to create multiple instances of the same setup


If you need to replicate an interface for multiple bank with the High Speed SelectIO Wizard you can use the preset Tcl files.


You can save your High Speed SelectIO (HSSIO) Wizard configuration and reuse it.

To save your configuration:  

  1. Open the HSSIO IP, create the required configuration and select the pins.
  2. On the top left of the page, click the presets button and select Save Configuration. (the Save configuration option is greyed out if there are any DRC errors. Click on OK to see the errors).


  1. This will open a popup box asking for a Preset name and Tcl file name to save the configuration



  1. Step 3 will create a file named config1.tcl and store it in the path specified. The required configuration is now saved.
  2. You can open the new HSSIO GUI, and in the Preset section select Apply Configuration, and select the earlier saved Tcl file. This will apply the same settings that were saved earlier to the new instance of the IP.
  3. Change the bank number as required


You can also use the preset file outside the Wizard by using the following commands:

create_ip -name high_speed_selectio_wiz -vendor -library ip -version 3.0 -module_name <inst_name> (create new instance of IP)
source config1.tcl (previous saved preset/configuration tcl file)
set_property -dict [apply_preset [get_ips <inst_name>]] [get_ips <inst_name>] (this will apply the saved configuration on the new instance)
set_property -dict [list CONFIG.BANK {<new bank no>}] [get_ips <inst_name>] (set required bank in new instance of IP)
AR# 67449
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