AR# 67468


2016.1 - Simulation - XADC simulation model includes unnecessary check for 'DWE' pulse width


When using an XADC core in my design, I am getting unexpected results during simulation.

As shown in the following screen capture, it appears that the XADC model is including an unnecessary check for 'DWE' pulse width.

This is causing simulation to stop when 'DWE' is High for more than one clock cycle even when 'DEN' is permanently Low.

All DRP inputs to XADC should be ignored when 'DEN' is Low. The one cycle requirement should only be applied to the 'DEN' input.


This issue has been resolved in Vivado 2016.2.

As a work-around, avoid driving DWE high for more than 1 DCLK under this circumstance.

AR# 67468
日期 07/05/2016
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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