AR# 67480

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC - Echo Server does not work on a ZCU102 board


The echo server application template in SDK is stalling at the auto-negotiation stage.

How can I resolve this?


The PHY on the ZCU102 board needs to be reset. This is normally handled in the FSBL.

However, during the debug/run the debugger will use the psu_init.tcl to configure the PS. As a result, the PHY is not getting reset.

Attached to this Answer Record in an updated version of the Echo Server that can be used on the ZCU102.

Follow the steps below to use and test this application:

  1. Download the attached source files into <Xilinx Install>\data\embeddedsw\lib\sw_apps\lwip_echo_server\src
  2. Launch SDK
  3. Build the Echo Server Application
  4. Right Click on the Application, and select C/C++ Build Settings -> ARM A53 gcc compiler -> Symbols
    • Add XPS_BOARD_ZCU102, and select OK, and then click OK to finish

This issue is fixed in Vivado 2016.3.


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AR# 67480
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