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2016.2 Vivado - Loading a synthesized or implemented design in Vivado gives an Internal Exception and the error message "Xgd File 'xc****.xgd' is missing"


When I try to open an implemented design or DCP file in Vivado on a Windows operating system, the Vivado IDE crashes with the following error message:

XGD File 'xc7k325t.xgd' is missing. Exiting Vivado...

In the .str file, I can see the following message which indicates that Vivado is searching for the XGD file in "C:/.Xilinx/Vivado/2016.1/data/parts/xilinx/kintex7/devint/kintex7/xc7k325t/xc7k325t.xgd" instead of "C:/Xilinx/Vivado/2016.1/data/parts/xilinx/kintex7/devint/kintex7/xc7k325t/xc7k325t.xgd"

// HOptionPane Error: "Xgd File 'xc7k325t.xgd' is missing. Exiting Vivado... (Xgd)"
// Xgd.load filename: C:/.Xilinx/Vivado/2016.2/data/parts/xilinx/kintex7/devint/kintex7/xc7k325t/xc7k325t.xgd; ZipEntry: xc7k325t_floorplan.xgd elapsed time: 10s


This issue has been observed with multiple projects and is not specific to a particular device or device family.

The error occurs when loading designs into a project, but not when loading the same .dcp file separately.

The issue is seem only on Windows operating systems and is due to a low level directory call returning the C:\.Xilinx directory instead of the C:\Xilinx directory if the former was accessed recently (for example for a license check).

The cause of the invalid directory location check is due to "McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Files and Folders". This products is used to encrypt USB drives. DLLs from this product gets attached to Vivado at startup and cause this issue.

To work around the issue do one of the following:

  • Fix this McAfee issue by adding two registry keys (ExemptNonRemovable and ExemptNetwork) to your laptop to avoid this product being used for Local Hard drives and Network drives. Then it will be active only for removable drives like USB/SD Card etc.

  1. Click Start, Run, type regedit, and click OK.
  2. Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\mfeEEFF
  3. Right-click mfeEEFF and select New, DWORD.
  4. Create a value called ExemptNonRemovable.
  5. Double-click ExemptNonRemovable, type 1 in the Value data field, and then click OK.
  6. Right-click mfeEEFF and select New, DWORD.
  7. Create a value called ExemptNetwork.
  8. Double-click ExemptNetwork, type 1 in the Value data field, and then click OK

  • Remove or rename the "C:\.Xilinx" directory. In many cases, the "C:\.Xilinx" directory contains license files that are needed for Vivado, or the operation of other Xilinx software.

In this situation, you should copy the license files to another directory (for example, C:\Xilinx_lic) and point to the directory with the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable.

A change was made to Vivado 2016.3 to use a different system call to obtain the Vivado install directory location.

AR# 67499
日期 04/19/2017
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