AR# 67528


How to speed up "10G/25G Ethernet Subsystem" simulation


10G/25G Ethernet Subsystem logic simulation takes a long time to complete.

Is it possible to speed up the simulation?


The SIM_SPEED_UP option can be used to change the STARTUP_TIME and other timer settings, in order to speed up simulation.

Note: this change can be made only in simulation. For a design to work in hardware, do not define SIM_SPEED_UP.


Use the vlogan option +define+SIM_SPEED_UP


Use the vlog option +define+SIM_SPEED_UP


Use the ncvlog option +define+SIM_SPEED_UP

Vivado Simulator:

Use the xvlog option -d SIM_SPEED_UP

AR# 67528
日期 07/15/2016
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