AR# 6771


V2.1i COREGEN, VHDL: "**Error: Library logical name ARITHMETIC is not mapped to a host directory"


Keywords: coregen, vss, arithmetic, library, vhdl, active hdl, mti, 5.3

Urgency: hot

General Description:
The following error message may be seen while analyzing the CORE Generator VHDL libraries
extracted using the get_models script:

**Error: vhdlan,1071 /home/magruder2/prod_apps/karlton/testing/cgentest/2.1/testarith/XilinxCoreLib/prims_sim_arch.vhd(86):

Library logical name ARITHMETIC is not mapped to a host directory.
use arithmetic.std_logic_arith.all;
**Error: vhdlan,573 /home/magruder2/prod_apps/karlton/testing/cgentest/2.1/testarith/XilinxCoreLib/prims_sim_arch.vhd(87):

No selected element named STD_LOGIC_ARITH is defined for this prefix.
architecture behavioral of c_lut is
**Error: vhdlan,1084 /home/magruder2/prod_apps/karlton/testing/cgentest/2.1/testarith/XilinxCoreLib/prims_sim_arch.vhd(103):

The intermediate file for entity C_LUT is not in the library bound to WORK.
configuration cfg_beh of c_lut is
**Error: vhdlan,1019 /home/magruder2/prod_apps/karlton/testing/cgentest/2.1/testarith/XilinxCoreLib/prims_sim_arch.vhd(152):

The intermediate file for the entity-architecture pair C_LUT(BEHAVIORAL) is
not in the library bound to WORK.

The problem will be seen all VHDL simulators except for MTI v5.2e

The problem is that the prims_sim_arch.vhd VHDL file references a ModelSIM MTI-
specific library called "arithmetic".



This problem has been fixed in the latest IP update, which is accessible from


If unable to download the indicated update, the model may be modified manually
as follows:

Two modifications must be made to the extracted model, prims_sim_arch.vhd to fix
this problem:

1. Comment out the references to the "arithmetic" library on lines 86 and 87 of

83 Library IEEE;
84 Use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;
85 use IEEE.std_logic_arith.all;
86 -- library arithmetic;
87 -- use arithmetic.std_logic_arith.all;

2. Edit line 144 as follows:

ORIGINAL: addr := conv_integer('0' & addr_slv);
CHANGE TO: addr := conv_integer(unsigned('0' & addr_slv));

AR# 6771
日期 04/02/2002
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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