AR# 67754

HDMI TX Subsystem IP v2.0 - Why do I see the stray pink line if there is no actual audio sending to the IP?


When audio is enabled in the IP, but no actual audio is sent to the IP, and no valid values of the N/CTS parameters are provided, a stray pink line is observed in the image.


What can cause this problem?


This is an expected behavior when there is no audio data in HDMI mode.

As per HDMI specification, no Video Guard Bands should be used in DVI mode.

If no Audio interface is transmitted, the HDMI Sink thinks the Video source is DVI Source.

However, the HDMI TX Subsystem is still in HDMI Mode, the transmitted two-pixel Video Guard Bands are displayed as normal Video data.

To resolve this problem, you need to manually switch to DVI mode by using the API below:


XV_HdmiTxSs_AudioMute(&HdmiTxSs, TRUE);



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AR# 67754
日期 05/14/2018
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