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PROflow: DOS Error # 83: Buffer too small


If any of the data files that PROflow reads are not DOS files, PROflow will
give the following error when invoked, when entering one of the PROflow
dialogs, or when invoking one of the other PRO Series tools:

"DOS Error # 83 occurred: Buffer too small, FLInput reading

Typically, one of the following files will be the cause of the error:

VIEWDRAW.INI - located in both PROSER\STANDARD and the current project

This was a problem in one of the Beta versions of the XACT 5.2/6.0 software.
If you are using a pre-release copy of this software, there is a pretty good
chance that the problem is with the PARTLIST.XCT file.


Because PROflow expects to see the appropriate DOS control characters in the
data files it uses, you must convert the problem file from Unix to DOS.

To verify that a file is in fact formatted without the proper control
characters, check the file by typing each to the screen in DOS using the type

Example: type partlist.xct

A proper DOS format file will have each line starting in the first column of
the screen on the lefthand side. If it appears that the lines are merged
together into one long line, the file is not a DOS file and needs to be
converted to DOS format using UNIX2DOS.

NOTE: Even though PROflow flags the PARTLIST.XCT file as the problem file,
check all three files listed above.
AR# 678
日期 10/01/2008
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