AR# 67808


Tactical Patch - Vivado 2016.2 - XSIM - Xilinx_AXI_BFM license is held in XSIM but checked in for third Party Simulators.


When I simulate an AXI BFM IP in XSIM, a license is held for the Xilinx_AXI_BFM feature. 

In Questa and IES the license is checked out and immediately checked back in. 


A Tactical Patch is available for Vivado 2016.2.

  • Expectations Without the Patch - The Xilinx_AXI_BFM license will be held while XSIM remains open.
  • Expectations With the Patch - The XIlinx_AXI_BFM license will be checked out and immediately returned to match the third Party Simulators.

This issue is resolved in 2016.3 and this patch will no longer be necessary.


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AR# 67808
日期 09/21/2016
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