AR# 67890


2016.3 - Vivado Simulator - Scope for pre-compiled IP instance is missing in Scope Window


In Vivado 2016.3, "compile_simlib" compiles the static simulation files for all IP by default, including XPMs.

When I run simulation with Vivado Simulator, I am unable to see the pre-compiled IP instance in the Scope Window (for example, XPM_FIFO).


By default, the debug level is set to typical so you will not be able to see the instance of the pre-compiled IP in the scope window, even if it is an unencrypted source file.

To see the scope for such IP, you will need to set the elaboration debug level to 'all'.

This can be done in one of the following three ways:

1) In Vivado IDE, open the Simulation Settings dialog box, click the Elaboration Tab and change the value of the option "xsim.elaborate.debug_level" from 'typical' to 'all'.

2) For Vivado Tcl (in interactive or batch mode), run the following command before the running the launch_simulation command. Substitute sim_1 with the correct simulation set name if your simulation set name is different or if you have multiple simulation sets.

set_property -name {xsim.elaborate.debug_level} -value {all} -objects [get_filesets sim_1]

3) If you are running xelab directly, specify "-debug all" in the xelab command line.

AR# 67890
日期 10/13/2016
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