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Vivado - ERROR: [Project 1-202] Error writing the XML file 'Z:/eda/myproj/myproj.xpr'


I am getting the following error when running the create_project command in my Clearcase environment.

create_project $project_name . -part $part -force

ERROR: [Project 1-202] Error writing the XML file 'Z:/eda/myproj/myproj.xpr'
ERROR: [Common 17-69] Command failed: ERROR: [Project 1-202] Error writing the XML file 'Z:/eda/myproj/myproj.xpr'
INFO: [Common 17-206] Exiting Vivado at Thu Aug 25 10:34:27 2016...

When I check the directory for the file I see that Vivavdo actually does create the myproj.xpr file.
The Z: directory is the directory of my Clearcase repository/sandbox.
If I run the same script on a local drive there is no issue.


The create_project command will first create the project file and then update the project file with the specific project information.

If you get this error, check to see if the .xpr file that is created is fully populated (Are the size and content the same or similar to a previous version that did not get the error?).

If the file is created but not populated correctly, the most likely cause is that a system tool such as an active scan virus protection software has taken control of the file and is preventing writes to it.

Active scan by some virus protection software (for example, McAfee or Windows Defender) can put a file into a temporary read-only mode.

The Network speed is more of an issue than the fact that the network is associated with a Clearcase repository.

To diagnose the software conflict, run process monitor or another tool that will report all system events. Filter on processes that have ".xpr" in the command line. Then run a create_project process.

In one verified case, Process Monitor showed that MsMpEng.exe (Windows Defender) was locking the file which lead to the buffer overflow on the next access from Vivado.

The solution was to edit the Windows Defender options to allow an exception so that it will not look at the .xpr file.

AR# 67936
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