AR# 680


Obsolete -- Orcad: SDT2XNF Fails to write TNMs into the .XNF file


SDT2XNF versions 5.x may fail to write TNMs into the .XNF file if the KNV
option is set in the SDT.CFG file. What happens is INET.EXE will write
out the .INF file in a different format than the default, and TNM attributes
will not be translated.


Look in the SDT.CFG file for the line:

KNV = '1'

If it is there set it to:

KNV = ''

Then rerun INET with the /T option, or run xmake -r to force
re-execution of all programs.

AR# 680
日期 04/30/1999
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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