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2.1i Install: ERROR:basilisk:6 - Problems encountered invoking program "m1map"..


Key words: install, basilisk, m1map

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Implementing a design might yield the following error message:
ERROR:basilisk:6 - Problem encountered invoking program "m1map". m1map: No such file or directory.
A m1map file is located within $XILINX/bin/nt



re-boot and the problem should go away.


The error is the result of the path variable being incorrectly set. Check
that %SystemRoot%\system32 is properly added to your PATH.
For example: C:\WINNT\system32

Check also that the %XILINX% variable is properly set in the path. Open an
MS-DOS prompt and type:

echo %path%

If the %XILINX% variable appears in the path instead of the actual install path,
modify the path variable by removing %XILINX% and placing the actual install

If modifying the System Variables on NT you must have administrative privledges.

Reboot after modifying the path.
AR# 6815
日期 08/23/2001
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Type 综合文章
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