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PROM-XC18V00 - How do I select between SelectMAP (parallel), Express (parallel), and serial modes of configuration?


General Description:

How do I select between parallel and serial modes of configuration in an XC18V00 or XCF00P?


The configuration mode of the 18V00 is selected during programming.

iMPACT, HW-130, and other third-party PROM programmers have the option to select between serial and parallel output for the PROM when the device is programmed.

The XCF00P PROMs allow you to select the serial vs. parallel mode in the advanced programming options. In the 6.3 and 7.1 design tools, the advanced features of the PROMs will have to be enabled. This is done by selecting Revisioning Enabled. At this point, if design revisioning is not required, use the default file setup. After the files have been setup, a ".cfi" file will be created. This will enable the advanced features of the PROM. When the device is programmed with these files, the parallel mode select bit will be accessible along with clock settings.

AR# 6859
日期 12/15/2012
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