AR# 68741


LogiCORE IP SMPTE UHD-SDI v1.0 (Rev. 3) 2016.4 - Patch updates for the UHD-SDI IP in Vivado 2016.4


This answer record contains patch updates for the UHD-SDI IP in Vivado 2016.4.


This patch addresses the following issues:

(Xilinx Answer 68754) Why do I see rx_mode_locked and rx_t_locked keep toggling when SDI cable is not connected
(Xilinx Answer 68794) UHD-SDI core shows Timing Errors on EDH TX paths


This patch will also be available in Vivado 2017.1. Users requiring this patch are advised to update to Vivado 2017.1 or later when it is available.

Install the patch as per the instructions in the included README.txt file to resolve this issue.


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54547 LogiCORE IP SMPTE UHD-SDI - Release Notes and Known Issues for the Vivado 2015.1 tool and later versions N/A N/A


AR# 68741
日期 05/05/2017
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