AR# 68742

SMPTE 2022 -1/2 Video Over IP Receiver v2.0 (Rev. 7) - Why do I see repetition of TS Packets on the Transport Stream Interface?


TS packets generated by the SMPTE Video Over IP are sometimes skipped or duplicated.

1) Repetition of TS packets on the Transport Stream Interface:


2) Some TS packets are chunked.

The Transport Stream Interface provides TS packets, with a continuous skip/repeat behavior, where a chunk of TS packets are repeated, and the following chunk is skipped:

  • 7 TS packets by IP -> 56 TS packets by chunk (n1204-> n1260)
  • 4 TS packets by IP -> 32 TS packets by chunk (n147 -> n 179)
  • 1 TS packets by IP ->  8 TS packets by chunk  (n742 -> n750

The pri_recv_pkt_cnt, link_valid_media_pkt_cnt, and chan_valid_media_pkt_cnt are well incremented according to the received bitrate.

The dup_pkt_cnt, unrec_pkt_cnt and oor_pkt_cnt are not incremented to indicate errors.

The media_buffer_ov does not indicate any overflow and the rx_rtp_pkt_buffered signal provides a coherent number of buffered packets.

The continuity of the sequence number on rx_pri_rtp_seq_num is fine.


The issue occurs if the Media Buffer Size is not power of 2.

This can be resolved my setting the Media Buffer Size to a power of 2.

AR# 68742
日期 04/09/2018
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