AR# 68771

Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA VCU118 Evaluation Kit - UG1224 (v1.0) - GTH on header J2?


The VCU118 Evaluation Board User Guide, (UG1224) v1.0, page 94 includes information on the FMC HPC1 Connector J2. 

Reference is made to 10 GTH transceiver differential pairs and 2 GTH transceiver clocks, however there are no GTH transceivers on this board.


J2 does not have any GTH connections. (UG1224) v1.0 references to this are in error.

J22 (FMCP Connector J22), does have GTY connections: 24 transceiver differential pairs and 6 transceiver differential clocks.

(UG1224) will be updated to correct the information in relation to J2.



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AR# 68771
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