AR# 68938


Soft Error Mitigation (SEM) IP – UltraScale+ Architecture SSI VU13P [Timing 38-282] Negative SETUP slack violation


The VU13P Soft Error Mitigation (SEM) IP does not meet timing with the maximum supported frequency of 125MHz (8000 ps).

An example path is given below:

Max Delay Paths


> Slack (VIOLATED) :        -0.442ns  (required time - arrival time)

>   Source:                example_support_wrapper/example_support/example_cfg/slr3_cfg_frame_ecce4/ICAPTOPCLK

>                             (rising edge-triggered cell FRAME_ECCE4 clocked by clk  {rise@0.000ns fall@4.000ns period=8.000ns})

>   Destination:            example_support_wrapper/example_support/sem_controller/inst/controller/slr3_fecc_endofframe_reg1_reg/D

>                             (rising edge-triggered cell FDRE clocked by clk  {rise@0.000ns fall@4.000ns period=8.000ns})

>   Path Group:             clk

>   Path Type:              Setup (Max at Slow Process Corner)

>   Requirement:            8.000ns  (clk rise@8.000ns - clk rise@0.000ns)

>   Data Path Delay:        8.215ns  (logic 2.430ns (29.580%)  route 5.785ns (70.420%))

>   Logic Levels:           0 

>   Clock Path Skew:        0.138ns (DCD - SCD + CPR)

>     Destination Clock Delay (DCD):    4.106ns = ( 12.106 - 8.000 )

>     Source Clock Delay      (SCD):    4.393ns

>     Clock Pessimism Removal (CPR):    0.425ns

>   Clock Uncertainty:      0.035ns  ((TSJ^2 + TIJ^2)^1/2 + DJ) / 2 + PE

>     Total System Jitter     (TSJ):    0.071ns

>     Total Input Jitter      (TIJ):    0.000ns

>     Discrete Jitter          (DJ):    0.000ns

>     Phase Error              (PE):    0.000ns

>   Inter-SLR Compensation: 0.357ns  ((DCD - CCD) * PF)

>     Destination Clock Delay (DCD):    4.106ns

>     Common Clock Delay      (CCD):    1.727ns

>     Prorating Factor         (PF):    0.150

>   Clock Net Delay (Source):      3.586ns (routing 1.289ns, distribution 2.297ns)

>   Clock Net Delay (Destination): 3.607ns (routing 1.177ns, distribution 2.430ns) 


This timing issue can be resolved by removing the 1st register stage that registers the output of FRAME_ECC4 in SLR3 from the controller pblock.

The constraint is provided below:

remove_cells_from_pblock sem [get_cells example_support_wrapper/example_support/sem_controller/inst/controller/slr3_fecc_*_reg1*]

After adding the above constraint, the design meets timing, but it creates a Critical Warning and Warning. 

Because the constraint is properly applied in implementation, these warnings can be safely ignored.

The Critical Warning and Warning message are provided below:

CRITICAL WARNING: [Vivado 12-1039] No cells specified to remove.

WARNING: [Project 1-498] One or more constraints failed evaluation while reading constraint file [ ] and the design contains unresolved black boxes. These constraints will be read post-synthesis (as long as their source constraint file is marked as used_in_implementation) and should be applied correctly then. You should review the constraints listed in the file [] and check the run log file to verify that these constraints were correctly applied.

This issue will be addressed in a future release.

AR# 68938
日期 04/19/2017
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