AR# 69164

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU102 Evaluation Kit - Jumper settings to support USB 3.0 HOST mode


The factory default settings for the ZCU102 are not set up for HOST operation.

What jumper settings are required to support USB 3.0 HOST mode?


The following jumper settings are required on the ZCU102 to support USB 3.0 HOST mode operations:

J113Connect pins 1-2Meaning "Device or HOST" (NOT OTG)
J7Connect pins 1-2Meaning "HOST / OTG" (NOT Device)
J110Connect pins 2-3Meaning "Host Mode" (NOT Device or OTG mode)


For reference, below are the factory default jumper settings for USB OTG mode:

J113 is by default already in the correct position.

J7 is by default empty and it must be added.

J110 is by default in the incorrect position for USB 3.0 HOST mode and it must be moved as shown above.



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