AR# 69199


DisplayPort Subsystem - Why is the OOC synthesis of the BD always Out of date?


In my design with multiple instances of the DisplayPort, after generating the BD output products in Out Of context (OOC) mode, the DisplayPort SubSystem IP are Out-of-date and need to be regenerated.

As a result, each time I run synthesis and implementation, the output products of the IP SubSystem need to be regenerated.

Synthesis sometimes fails with the following error:

dcp is not a valid checkpoint error

How can this be resolved?


This is a known issue of the DisplayPort subsystem RX and TX IP in 2016.3 and 2016.4 when there are multiple instances of the IP in the same BD and the BD is generated as OOC per IP (default mode).

The work-around is to generate the output products of the BD in global mode.

This issue is resolved in the 2017.1 release.



AR# 69199
日期 06/30/2017
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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