AR# 69213

Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA VCU118 Evaluation Kit - Vivado license might need to be regenerated for ES1 kit


Customers that have received a Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA VCU118 Evaluation Kit with ES1 silicon (EK-U1-VCU118-ES1-G) might need to regenerate their license file if unable to target ES1 silicon in Vivado tools.


Customers that have already generated their license using the voucher provided in the VCU118 kit will need to regenerate the license file to target ES1 silicon.

To do this, log in to and under the "Manage Licenses" tab, find the license in question and click on a delete icon in the lower left corner.

This license will be re-added back to the "Create New Licenses" tab, where you can regenerate this once more.

For more information on regenerating licenses please see the following Answer Records:

(Xilinx Answer 36136)Licensing - How do I rehost a license?
(Xilinx Answer 42405)Licensing - Can a certificate-based license be retargeted, rehosted, or transferred to a different Host machine?

For new users who have not redeemed their voucher yet, no additional work is required and they can generate their license as normal.

The correct license with the correct features will be added to the account once a customer redeems the voucher delivered with the VCU118 ES1 kit.



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AR# 69213
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