AR# 6930


Packaging FPGA/CPLD/PROM - I want to bake half the number of devices in the vacuum bag. What does Xilinx recommend for this? How do I use the Humidity Indicator Card?


General description:

If a package is open and only half the chips are used, do you need to bake the unused parts before resealing the package with a vacuum sealer?

NOTE: This is valid for all FPGA, CPLD and PROM packages.


In cases where half the number of parts need to be baked, when the bag is resealed, be careful to leave the Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) inside the bag; also see (Xilinx Answer 17169). For parts that are resealed, follow the indications on the HIC. If the maximum time of exposure as specified on the bag is exceeded, then baking these parts is necessary.

Xilinx recommendations for using this card:

- If the 10% dot is pink, replace the Moisture Barrier Bag (MBB), the desiccant, and the HIC. Note the seal date from the original MBB and stamp/mark the original seal date on the new MBB.

- If the 20% dot is pink, parts in the bag need to be baked. Dispose the MBB, desiccant, and HIC.

NOTE: Xilinx recommends that package lots other than Xilinx Flip-Chips are baked not more than two times. Flip-Chips can be baked three times after assembly.

AR# 6930
日期 12/15/2012
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