AR# 69455

1G/2.5G AXI Ethernet Subsystem v7.1 and earlier - lwIP stopped working when attaching IPs on the AXI4 Stream interface


I have a design that has AXI Ethernet subsystem and Ethernet DMA.

I have a custom packet filter module that is plugged between the Ethernet subsystem and the DMA. 

However, the LWIP has stopped working. It stalls at this line:

-----lwIP TCP echo server ------

TCP packets sent to port 6001 will be echoed back.

The same thing happens if I plug a very basic custom IP that forwards in and out through FIFO, or if I plug in the ChipScope debugger to the axis_rxd and axis_rxs bus to study Ethernet packets.


This is a known issue.

With ChipScope or other custom IPs attached on the AXI4 Stream interface, some properties are not getting exported properly by the driver/lwIP to the xparameters.h and some _g.c files.

Attached is the driver fix. You will need to set a custom repository in SDK and rebuild the SDK lwIP application.


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AR# 69455
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