AR# 69507


JESD204B (v7.0) - RXLPMEN values incorrect when shared logic in core is used


When using the "Shared logic in core" settings for the JESD204B v7.0 core (and later), RXLPMEN is seen to be set to 1 for lane 1 only and set to 0 for all other lanes.

This will cause the wrong equalization mode to be used on all lanes except lane 1 and potentially result in a failure to SYNC or an unstable link.


To work around this issue, first enable the "Additional transceiver control and status ports" on the PHY tab of the JESD204B core GUI to expose the additional transceiver ports.

Then drive all of the "gt_rxlpmen" input bits to 1 from outside the core.

This issue will be resolved in Vivado 2017.3, JESD204B core (v7.2).

AR# 69507
日期 08/03/2017
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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