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2017.1 Licensing - SDNet 2017.1 - ERROR: SDNet cannot obtain license


I use a floating license for SDNet 2017.1.1. 

An SDNet floating license is located on the main floating license server. 

I have correctly set the environment variable to point to this server, however the SDNet tool still displays the following: 

cannot obtain license.

The output of "lmuitl lmdiag" reports the following:

This license cannot be checked out because: Version of vendor daemon is too old to serve SDNet license.

How can I solve this problem?


As indicated in the lmdiag message, the problem is caused by a license tool version compatibility issue.

The issue is related to the Flex licensing (FlexLM) used for SDNet and the license manager (lmgrd) being used to serve the licenses.

The version of the licensing tools/API included with SDNet 2017.1 is v11.14.1.0. Lmgrd v11.14.1 is backwards compatible with earlier versions of Flex licensing used in Vivado 2017.2 and earlier. 

However, earlier versions of lmgrd will not work with software licensed with Flex v11.14.1 APIs.

To resolve the compatibility issue, please use the license manager (lmgrd v11.14.1.0) bundled with SDNet in the Xilinx/SDNet/2017.1/bin/unwrapped directory instead of the one that is bundled with Vivado 2017.2.

If the floating license server does not have access to the Xilinx/SDNet/2017.1/bin/unwrapped directory, then please download the standalone FlexLM v11.14.1.0 utilities which are attached to this Answer Record.


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