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AR# 69610

JESD204B - Can one instance of a JESD204B core be used with multiple ADCs or DACs?


When using the JESD204B core in a design, can it be used with multiple ADCs or DACs?


It is possible to use one instance of the JESD204B core with multiple ADCs or DACs, provided the settings of those ADCs or DACs are identical and match the JESD204B core settings.

For example, the F (octets per frame), K (frames per multiframe), scrambling / descrambling setting, subclass mode, and SYSREF handling must be identical between the ADCs or DACs, and must match the JESD204B core settings.

The device clocks to the different devices can run at different rates to suit those individual devices, but must all be related in frequency and be generated from a common source.

AR# 69610
日期 08/18/2017
状态 Active
Type 综合文章