AR# 69674


Export ILA captured data in Binary, decimal, or ASCII format


When exporting data from the ILA, ChipScope had the option to export the data seen in the waveform window as an ASCII file.

However Vivado only offers the options to export to Native, CSV, or VCD files.

When exporting the data to a CSV, the data comes binary formatted and requires a manual conversion to decimal before it can be used.

This can cause a truncation of the least significant bits and cause loss of precision.

Having the file in ASCII format makes integration with other software such as Matlab, Mathcad, and even Excel a straightforward task, because no conversion or file manipulation is required.


In Vivado the data is written out based on the radix set in the waveform when the trigger was run.

The available radix forms are: Binary, Hexadecimal, Octal, ASCII, Unsigned Decimal, Signed Decimal, and Signed Magnitude.

Right-click on the signal you desire, then select Radix and choose the radix option of your preference.



Observe that as you change the Radix option, under the column "Value", the signal value will already be displayed in the desired form.

(In the figure above, the signal axi_arlen[7:0] is displayed with hexadecimal value 7f. If you changed the radix to unsigned decimal, it would display the value as 127).

When you are satisfied with the radix forms, click on the "Export ILA waveform data" button and select the CSV option.

The generated file will contain the values formatted exactly the same way as it was displayed by the ILA.


AR# 69674
日期 11/27/2019
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