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2017.1-2017.4 PetaLinux: QEMU flash_stripe.c is not included in the QEMU utilities shipped with PetaLinux


The Flash Striper Utility Section in the QEMU User Guide (UG1169) requires a flash_stripe.c file to stripe a single QSPI data image and format it into two images.

This file is currently not present in the QEMU utilities being shipped with PetaLinux.


Please download flash_stripe.c attached to this Answer Record and follow the instructions below to build it.

Steps to compile:

gcc flash_stripe.c -o flash_stripe -DFLASH_STRIPE_BE -DFLASH_STRIPE_BW

Note: this is useful if you need to split the flash file into lower and upper flash for dual parallel emulation.


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AR# 69975
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