AR# 70041

LogiCORE IP SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI (SMPTE SDI) v3.0 - IP Latency Information SMPTE SDI IP in 3G-SDI mode


(PG071) does not mention IP latency information for SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI TX/RX IP in 3G-SDI mode.


IP Latency Information for SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI IP in 3G-SDI mode is described in this Answer Record.

The native SDI TX input stream to SDI TX IP output == 17 clock cycles of tx_usrclk
The RX SDI IP input to Native RX SDI data stream output == 21 clock cycles of rx_usrclk

Please note that this latency information:

  1. Does not include transceiver part latency
  2. Assumes that the SDI IP is already locked


This Answer Record will be removed after this latency information is updated in (PG071).




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AR# 70041
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