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DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem - Release Notes and Known Issues for Vivado 2018.1 and newer tool versions


This answer record contains the Release Notes and Known Issues for the DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem and includes the following:

  • General Information
  • Known and Resolved Issues
  • Revision History

DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem Page:


General Information

Supported Devices can be found in the following locations:

For a list of new features and added device support for all versions:

  • Subsystem or IP - See the Change log included with the core in Vivado.
  • Subsystem or IP - Click on the Change log links below.
  • Standalone Software Drivers - See the Change log included with the Doxygen Drivers in Xilinx SDK
  • Standalone Software Drivers - GitHub Software Driver Repo


Please seek technical support via the Video Board of the Xilinx Community Forums.

The Xilinx Forums are great resource for technical support.

The entire Xilinx User Community is available to help here, and you can ask questions and collaborate with Xilinx experts to get the solutions you need.

Version Table

This table correlates the core version to the first Vivado design tools release version in which it was included.

Table 1: Version

Core VersionVivado Tools VersionSubsystem Change logSubsystem PatchesStandalone Software Driver Patches
v2.1 (Rev. 2)2020.1(Xilinx Answer 73626)  
v2.1 (Rev. 1)2019.2(Xilinx Answer 72923)(Xilinx Answer 73261) 
v2.12019.1(Xilinx Answer 72242)  
v2.02018.3(Xilinx Answer 71806)  
v1.0 (Rev. 1)2018.2(Xilinx Answer 71212)  
v1.02018.1(Xilinx Answer 70699)  

General Guidance

The table below provides Answer Records for general guidance when using the DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem.

Table 2: General Guidance

Article NumberArticle Title
(Xilinx Answer 72545)Does TX buffer bypass need to be enabled for DP1.4 PHY compliance?
(Xilinx Answer 72188)2018.3 - ZCU102 Example Design Application fails to build in SDK with "undefined reference" errors
(Xilinx Answer 71773)Do the DisplayPort Subsystems IPs support active or passive adaptors to HDMI, DVI or VGA?
(Xilinx Answer 71085)DisplayPort 1.4 TX/RX Subsystem - 2018.1 - KCU105 Example design - Why is a license required for a Video AXI4S Remapper IP and how can I found this license?
(Xilinx Answer 66741)HDCP 2.2 - HDCP1.x - Do I need to have both the HDCP 1.x and HDCP 2.2 cores, or is HDCP 2.2 backward compatible with HDCP 1.x?

Known and Resolved Issues

The following table provides known issues for the DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem, starting with v1.0, initially released in Vivado 2018.1.

Note: The "Version Found" column lists the version the problem was first discovered.

The problem might also exist in earlier versions, but no specific testing has been performed to verify earlier versions.

Table 3: IP

Article NumberArticle TitleVersion FoundVersion Resolved

Table 4: Software Driver

Article NumberArticle TitleVersion FoundVersion Resolved


Revision History: 
06/28/2020Updated for v2.1 (Rev. 2)
10/18/2019Added (Xilinx Answer 66741) to General Guidance and v2.1 (Rev. 1) to Version table
07/12/2019Added v2.1 to Version table and (Xilinx Answer 72545) to General Guidance
04/05/2019Added (Xilinx Answer 72188) to General Guidance
11/30/2018Add v1.0 (Rev. 1) and v2.0 to Version table and (Xilinx Answer 71773) to General Guidance
05/01/2018Added (Xilinx Answer 71085) to General Guidance
04/16/2018Initial Release



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