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SDK - How to use a patched driver


How can I use a patched driver within the SDK?


SDK provides a way to specify custom repository folders where patched drivers as well as third-party drivers, libraries etc. can be placed. 

As documented in the SDK Help, local repositories takes precedence over Global repositories so they can be used to patch an existing driver using the same version number.

The custom repository (with the new driver) can be added to the project using the GUI or in batch mode.

GUI Mode:

1) Select Xilinx > Repositories.





2) Add the driver's parent folder as a new repository.

Note: The repository folder needs to contain the appropriate "driver", "sw_services", etc. folders.




Note: If a BSP has already been created, it needs to be updated with the new driver. Use the Re-generate BSP Sources option.

Batch Mode:

Below is an example of a Tcl script to create a BSP with a user repository:

#set workspace location
sdk setws ./

#import hdf file
sdk createhw -name exdes_wrapper_hardware_platform_batch -hwspec ../../v_hdmi_rx_ss_0_ex/v_hdmi_rx_ss_0_ex.sdk/exdes_wrapper.hdf

#add my repo here
sdk set_user_repo_path ../../sw_repos

#creating bsp
sdk createbsp -name standalone_bsp_0 -hwproject exdes_wrapper_hardware_platform_batch -proc ps7_cortexa9_0 -os standalone
sdk projects -build -type bsp -name standalone_bsp_0



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