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XACTstep 6.0 Debugging Checklist for Windows Install


XACTstep 6.0 Debugging Checklist

These notes have been written to list some known problems that you may run into

while installing and using XACTstep 6.0. The first section lists some system

requirements and recommendations for successful use of the XACTstep tools, and

the second lists some general problems and errors that the requirements and

recommendations can remedy.

Use XINFO and XMEM to check status of most of the items listed below.

These are Windows tools found on the XACTstep 6.0 CD in \XBBS\UTILS area.

Software Requirements for Xilinx Setup.

These items are required to run the Xilinx Windows Setup as well as regular use

of the XACTstep 6.0 and Viewlogic PROseries tools.

1. VSHARE.386. This file needs to be in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and the line


must be added to the C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI file below the [386Enh] header.

VSHARE.386 can be found on the CD in \PROSER\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. This is

required for running the Xilinx Setup and using the PROseries tools.

2. Required Win32s Version: Must be and not corrupted. Win32s is

on the XACTstep 6.0 CD. Choose File->Run and select


de-install an improper or potentially corrupted version.

Software Requirements and Recommendations for Use.

These items are required or recommended for use of the XACTstep 6.0 and

Viewlogic PROseries tools.

3a. Required AUTOEXEC.BAT settings for the XACTstep core tools (assuming you

install the tools to the default locations on the C: drive):

PATH: must contain C:\XACT

XACT: must be XACT=C:\XACT

3b. Required AUTOEXEC.BAT settings for the XACTstep core tools and the

PROseries tools (assuming you install the tools to the default locations on

the C: drive):

PATH: must contain C:\XACT and C:\PROSER




4. Recommended CONFIG.SYS settings: Stacks=9,256 Files=50, Buffers=20

If you run into stack overflow problems, you can set Stacks to 0,0 instead.

5. Recommended Memory: 16Meg of Physical Memory and 16Meg of Virtual

Memory is the base requirement. To target specific devices, more memory

may be required. See the Memory Requirements table for the actual numbers.

Also, for speed and stability reasons, we suggest Permanent Virtual Memory

as opposed to Temporary. Use the DOS commands Check and Defrag hard drive.

To solve any problems with a Permanent swap file, exit to DOS and delete

the file C:\386SPART.PAR (hidden file). To see this file, type

DIR /AH <return>

at the C:\ prompt. To delete this file, type

ATTRIB -S -H 386SPART.PAR <return>

DEL 386SPART.PAR <return>

Then, re-enter Windows, and recreate the Swap File.

6. Recommended Conventional Memory: Can be as low as 300k, but you should

have 450k (after entering Windows) to avoid problems. Close unneeded

applications and comment out unused TSRs. Check memory below 1 Meg using

XMEM. You can also use tools like MAXMEM (available on the Xilinx BBS,

1-408-559-9327, file is within XMEM.ZIP) or other products like QEMM to

free up low memory.

7. Recommended User and GDI percentages: These statistics monitor Windows

resources and should each be kept above 25%. Use XMEM to check them.

Close unneeded applications to increase these resources.

8. Recommended if you run into problems: In Windows, from 386Enh->Virtual

Memory section under Control Panel: Disable 32bit file and/or disk access.

Reduce Cache size. In DOS (AUTOEXEC.BAT): Use /X option for SmartDrive.

Make sure you do not use any "DOS only" commands like APPEND or FASTOPEN.

All TSRs loaded in your AUTOEXEC.BAT must be compatible with Windows.

9. Required for proper function of the programs that shell out to DOS:

In Windows, from 386Enhanced->Virtual Memory, the

"Exclusive in Foreground" box must NOT be checked.


Check the Requirements and Recommendations above to solve the following


Program: Setup

Problem: "Win32s requires file sharing and locking support. Please execute

share.exe before continuing."

Solution to Check: 1

Programs: Design Manager (usually Translate), Flow Engine

Problem: Out of memory errors.

Solutions to Check: 5, 6

Programs: All

Problem: Win32s errors.

Solution to Check: 2

Programs: Design Manager, Flow Engine

Problem: "Problem Running Program <Xilinx Program>"

Solutions to Check: 3, 6

Programs: Design Manager, Flow Engine

Problem: "Application Error, Stack Overflow"

Solution to Check: 4

Program: Design Manager (XNFPREP)

Problem: "The XNFPREP report file "design.prp" for design "design.xff" could

not be opened."

Solutions to Check: 4, 6

Programs: Design Manager, Flow Engine

Problem: The program hangs.

Solutions to Check: 2, 5, 6, 8, 9

Programs: All

Problem: Weird Windows or graphics problems. General hangs.

Solutions to Check: 2, 7

Other Specific Known Problems:

Program: Floorplanner

Problem: Growstub Error, General Protection Fault

Solution: Download the file HD1061.EXE from the Xilinx BBS. It contains an

updated Microsoft Mouse Driver. Or, simply remove POINTER.EXE from the LOAD=

line in your C:\WINDOWS\WIN.INI file.

Program: Design Manager (usually Translate)

Problem: Screen goes blank due to Diamond Multimedia Viper Graphics card and


Solution: Use this card and driver at a lower resolution display mode.

Program: Design Manager

Problem: "Unhandled Exception Error", Compaq machines.

Solution: Do not use 256 Color mode with Compaq QVision graphics driver.

Programs: Timing Analyzer, Hardware Debugger, Prom File Formatter

Problem: "TEMP variable is not set."

Solution: TEMP variable must be set in AUTOEXEC.BAT. example:


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