AR# 71036

LDPC Encoder/Decoder v2.0 - intermittent Error in C model offset min-sum implementation


There is an error in the C model where the offset value used for the Offset Min-Sum algorithm can be incorrectly zeroed. 

The error is intermittent and is most likely to occur on the first codeblock processed by the C model.


This is a known issue in LDPC Encoder/Decoder v2.0 in Vivado 2018.1, which will be fixed in the 2018.2 release and later versions.

For other LDPC Encoder/Decoder known issues, please refer to (Xilinx Answer 69399)



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69399 LDPC Encoder/Decoder - Vivado 2017.3 及更新工具版本的发布说明和已知问题 N/A N/A
AR# 71036
日期 04/30/2018
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