AR# 71060


Soft-Decision FEC (SDFEC) Integrated Block v1.1 - (PG256) - Runtime Loading GUI tab information is out of date for Vivado 2018.2


The Runtime Loading tab of the Soft-Decision FEC GUI had been updated in Vivado 2018.2.

The information for the Runtime Loading tab in (PG256) does not match with the IP GUI:

  1. An additional read only parameter has been added, Physical Utilization.
    The utilization of SD-FEC functional blocks for the specified code(s).
    The parameter value is automatically calculated by the IP GUI.
  2. The percentage loading parameters have been depreciated and removed from the GUI; Percentage_Loading, TD_PERCENT_LOAD, LD_PERCENT_LOAD & LE_PERCENT_LOAD.
    When upgrading an IP instance from the previous revision and these parameters have been set to non-default values the parameters will be enabled in the GUI.


This is a known issue in 2018.2 (PG256), which will be fixed in the Vivado 2018.3 and later version.
For other known issues of Soft-Decision FEC (SDFEC) Integrated Block, see (Xilinx Answer 70720).



AR# 71060
日期 06/18/2018
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Type 综合文章
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