AR# 71085

DisplayPort 1.4 TX/RX Subsystem - 2018.1 - KCU105 Example design - Why is a license required for a Video AXI4S Remapper IP?


When trying to build the pass-through Example Design on a KCU105 board for the DisplayPort 1.4 TX/RX Subsystem it fails with an error related to a remapper IP.

I also get the following warning:

WARNING: [IP_Flow 19-2162] IP 'v_dp_rxss1_0_design_synth_remap_rx_0' is locked: * IP 'v_dp_rxss1_0_design_synth_remap_rx_0' requires one or more mandatory licenses but no valid licenses were found. However license checkpoints may prevent use of this IP in some tool flows.
Please select 'Report IP Status' from the 'Tools/Report' menu or run Tcl command 'report_ip_status' for more information.

How can I resolve this issue?


In Vivado 2018.1, the pass-through Example Design on a KCU105 for the DisplayPort 1.4 TX/RX Subsystem requires a license for the Test Pattern Generator (TPG).

This can be generated at no cost:

  1. Log into your licensing account (
  2. Click on the Search Now button in the Evaluation and No Charge Cores section

  3. Search for the test pattern Generator, select the license and click Add

  4. Generate the license



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AR# 71085
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