AR# 7119


V2.1i CORE Generator, SYNPLICITY - CORE Generator does not write out a "/* synthesis black_box */" compiler directive to the VEO file for Synplicity Verilog designs.


Keywords: Synplicity, black_box, CORE Generator, COREGen

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When Synplicity is specified as the vendor in the CORE Generator, the "//synthesis
black_box" compiler directive is not written to the VEO file.


The /* synthesis black_box */ directive is a Synplicity-specific directive that is not currently
supported in the 2.1i CORE Generator VEO file. The vendor setting in the Project Options
menu only directs CORE Generator to write out the EDIF implementation netlist for the
module with the appropriate EDIF bus delimiter.

Customers must continue to add the /* synthesis black_box */ directive to their designs
manually. Please refer to (Xilinx Solution 2713) for examples of how to attach these black
box attributes to Verilog designs in Synplicity.

This directive should not be confused with the "// synopsys translate_off" or ''//synopsys
translate_on" directives. These latter directives are used to specify that the indicated
sections of the .veo file are for behavioral simulation only, and should not be compiled when
synthesizing the design.
AR# 7119
日期 03/25/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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