AR# 713


PROsim hangs with a win32s error (multiple causes/resolutions)


PROsim can hang with a Win32s error: Unhandled Exception in a couple cases:

1) Restarting a simulation and re-running a command file containing a
statement such as:
"wave top.wfm sig1 sig2".
This is sometimes caused by attempting to write to a stream name which is
already open.

2) Using the "Restart" command. The win32s error can arise if Viewlogic's
DOS Workview tools are in either the path or WDIR variable.



Typing "wave" and then [enter] at the PROsim command line will close all
open .wfm streams. This should be done before attempting to open an
already-open waveform stream with the wave command.


You cannot run both PROseries and DOS Workview simultaneously. If you wish
to use them at different times, use two batch files which set the path and
WDIR to either PROseries or Workview, but not both.
AR# 713
日期 10/01/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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