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LogiCORE Video PHY Controller v2.2 (Rev. 2) - Patch Updates for the LogiCORE Video PHY Controller in Vivado 2018.3


This answer record contains patch updates for the LogiCORE Video PHY Controller v2.2 (Rev. 2) in Vivado 2018.3.


Fixed Issues:

(Xilinx Answer 73680)Can the unused PLLs be powered off when used for a DisplayPort design?
(Xilinx Answer 72722)Why does the CPLL become unresponsive after a series of plug/unplug or power on/off events?
(Xilinx Answer 72927)When the 4th GT channel is enabled, the generated TMDS clock output is incorrect.

See the individual Answer Records for details on which release they are fixed in.

Patch Installation:

Install the patch as per the instructions in the included README.txt file to resolve this issue.


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57842 LogiCORE Video PHY Controller - Release Notes and Known Issues for Vivado 2015.4 and newer tool versions N/A N/A
AR# 71836
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