AR# 72108

UHD-SDI GT v1.0 (Rev 3) - Only the first link is working when I select more than one link in the UHD-SDI GT core


I have generated a UHD-SDI GT with 4 link configuration, but only the first link is working.

QPLL lock is only driven to the first GT channel.

What can cause this problem?


This is a known issue that occurs in the multi-link configuration of the UHD-SDI GT Core.

The only affected version is UHD-SDI GT v1.0 (Rev 3) in Vivado 2018.3. 

It can be worked around by using the 2018.3 UHD-SDI GT Patch in (Xilinx Answer 72075).

AR# 72108
日期 03/15/2019
状态 Active
Type 综合文章