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2019.1 Vivado Install - Vivado installer get stuck/takes a long time at the ‘Final Processing… Optimize Diskspace Usage’ stage


The Vivado installer can get stuck or take a long time at the 'Final Processing... Optimize Diskspace Usage' stage of the installation progress. 

What is the installer doing during this stage?

Is there a way to make it go faster?


In 2019.1 a new feature has been added to reduce disk space used by the tool. This disk space optimization feature is enabled by default.

During an install, a large number of files are duplicated in the installation tree. 

By having this Optimize Diskspace Usage option enabled, it allows the installer to eliminate these duplicated files to save disk space. This can only be done as a post installation process.

During this stage the installer will identify the duplicate files and replace them using Hard Links. It also deletes the archives downloaded by the installer.

This reduces the final disk space size by approximately 20-30%.

The time it takes to optimize disk space usage could take longer than expected, however if left running it will eventually complete.

This feature can be disabled prior to beginning the installation process if it is not needed.

You can disable this feature under the Preferences section of the Installer Welcome Panel:


With the batch mode installation, this preference is controlled by an entry in the install config file together with other preferences.

The entry is 'enableDiskUsageOptimization', which needs to be set to '1' or '0'.

For example, to turn this feature off, add the following in the config file:

AR# 72280
日期 09/30/2020
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