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2019.1 SDAccel - ERROR: [CFGEN 83-2293] --sp tag applied with an invalid sp tag: bank1


In SDAccel 2019.1 I am getting the following errors when trying to build my application:

ERROR: [CFGEN 83-2293] --sp tag applied with an invalid sp tag: bank1
ERROR: [CFGEN 83-2297] Please consult platforminfo <platform.xpfm path> for sptag information
ERROR: [CFGEN 83-2298] Exiting due to previous error


In SDAccel 2018.3 and later versions, memory resources are specified using vector formatting with the resource item enclosed in square brackets (that is, [..] ).

For example, the DDR memory resource names of a device with four (4) DDR banks are specified at DDR[0], DDR[1], DDR[2], and DDR[3]. PLRAM is specified in a similar fashion.

While the 2018.3 version supports the legacy sptag names (that is, bank<n>) for platforms available in 2018.2.xdf and any associated updates in 2018.3, this support will be deprecated in subsequent releases.

All new platforms in the 2018.3 version and later do not support the legacy sptag names and require the vector syntax format.

Old format:

--sp vadd_1.m_axi_gmem:bank3

New format:

--sp vadd_1.m_axi_gmem:DDR[3]

AR# 72347
日期 05/29/2019
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