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UHD-SDI GT v2.0 - Why is there a difference in the port list when selecting “enable PICXO” in GTY between Vivado 2018.3 and Vivado 2019.1?


The port list for the UHD-SDI GTY has changed between 2018.3 and 2019.1. 

In 2018.3 the UHD-SDI GT had support for PICXO for both GTH and GTY. 

In 2019.1, PCIXO support for GTY was disabled and FRACXO was added.

2018.3 - UHD-SDI GT 1.0:

  • intf_0_txpippmstepsize

2019.1 - UHD-SDI GT 2.0:

  • intf_0_gt_common_sdm0data_in
  • intf_0_gt_common_sdm0reset_in
  • intf_0_gt_common_sdm0toggle_in
  • intf_0_gt_common_sdm0width_in


This is a known issue in Vivado 2019.1, where selecting enable PIXCO for the GTY actually enables FRACXO mode instead.

The fixes below will cause the application to issue an exception and close instead of hanging.

  • 2019.1 - Users can download the UHD-SDI GT Patch from (Xilinx Answer 72474) to work around this issue
  • 2019.2 - This issue will be resolved in the 2019.2 release and later versions



AR# 72511
日期 08/01/2019
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