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2019.1 - Video Frame Buffer Write - Patches for 2019.1 Video Frame Buffer Write - Linux Kernel Module


This answer record contains patch updates for the Video Fame Buffer Write from the 2019.1 release.

It contains the Linux Kernel DMA patches.

For additional technical help, please post to the Xilinx Video Forums or contact Xilinx Technical Support.


Patch Contents:

This patch fixes the following software issues for the Video Frame Buffer Write in the 2019.1 release.

The attached patch is cumulative and fixes all issues listed below.

2019-07-10 (Xilinx Answer 72529) Why do I see reduced performance when encoding multiple interlaced streams?


This patch is intended for use with the 2019.1 release.

These issue will be fixed in the 2019.2 release.  Note: the exact fixes may vary from this patch.


How to apply the patch:

Note: For more details on how to apply a patch to recipes, please refer to (UG1144) or


  1. Click on the attachment at the end of this answer record to download the patched software driver.

Select the correct version for your release of PetaLinux.

  1. Create a PetaLinux project using 'petalinux-create'.
  2. Go to the project directory and copy the extracted "recipes-kernel" folder to the "project-spec/meta-user/" directory.
  3. Build the project using 'petalinux-build'.

Note: you might need to merge these fixes with any other patches that you are using in your build flow.


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