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PLD_DMGR error in Solaris 2.x: font could not be loaded, loading failed


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General Description:

You may encounter the following error while running PLD Design Manager
under the Solaris 2.x operating system, after which PLD_DMGR exits:

PLD_DMGR version 5.1.1 Feb 27, 1995

// WARNING: Font loading failed. Please see the following notes for more
// NOTE: Xhost = 'icarus',
// NOTE: Xserver = 'hyades',
// NOTE: font name = 'lca_object.icons',
// NOTE: font package = 'mgc'.

// Error: The font /net/icarus/mgr/xact/mgc/lca_object.icons (character X)
for type pld_xnf could not be loaded. (from: DME/Design Manager/Dmgr Iconic
Area 02)

This is caused by the presence of SunOS-type font files.


The "bdftopcf" program will convert SunOS-compatible .bdf files to
Solaris-compatible .pcf files.

In the $LCA/mgc directory, you will see the following .bdf files:


Create the new .pcf files with:

cd $LCA/mgc
bdftopcf lca_object.icons.bdf -o lca_object.icons.pcf
bdftopcf lca_text.icons.bdf -o lca_text.icons.pcf

Have the system recognize the new fonts with:

mkfontdir $LCA/mgc

Finally, let the X server know where the new fonts are:

xset +fp $LCA/mgc
AR# 735
日期 10/01/2008
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