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4.2i Foundation - Error: "Cannot load Xilinx license .dll"


Keywords: FPGA Express, license, Project Manager, fndtn, console

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I start up Foundation Project Manager, the following error is reported in the console window:

"Cannot load Xilinx license .dll"



This error is reported when Project Manager cannot load the libsecurity.dll

To avoid this error, verify that libsecurity.dll is located in the "fndtn\bin\nt" directory and that the PATH variable is correctly set to fndtn\bin\nt.

Also, be sure that your XILINX variable is set to the "fndtn" directory.


In the autoexec.bat file, if there are multiple values assigned to the PATH variable, change the order so that "C:\Fndtn\bin\nt" is placed first, followed by the other values.

For example, suppose the initial setting in an autoexec.bat file (Windows 95/Windows 98) or in environment settings (Windows NT) is:

PATH = C:\ORANT\BIN; C: \Fndtn\bin\nt

Change this to:

PATH = C:\Fndtn\bin\nt; C:\ORANT\BIN

After these changes are made, reboot the machine.


If the path or Xilinx variables are set incorrectly, make the appropriate changes. Then, reboot your machine (this includes machines that are running Windows NT).
AR# 7353
日期 08/12/2003
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Type 综合文章
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