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PetaLinux 2020.1 - 产品更新发布说明与已知问题


This Answer Record acts as the release notes for PetaLinux 2020.1 and contains links to information about resolved issues and updated collateral contained in this release.


Variant BSP Name BSP Description
AC701 xilinx-ac701-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains two BSPs [AC701 lite, AC701 full]

  • AC701 lite contains the AXI Lite IPs UART_lite, Ethernet Lite etc. in contrast to AC701 Full
KC705 xilinx-kc705-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains two BSPs [KC705 lite, KC705 full]
KCU105 xilinx-kcu105-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
SP701 xilinx-sp701-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
VCU118 xilinx-vcu118-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZC702 xilinx-zc702-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZC706 xilinx-zc706-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
Avnet Digilent Zedboard avnet-digilent-zedboard-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZCU102 production silicon xilinx-zcu102-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZCU104 production silicon xilinx-zcu104-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZCU106 production silicon xilinx-zcu106-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZCU111 production silicon xilinx-zcu111-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZCU1275 xilinx-zcu1275-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZCU1285 xilinx-zcu1285-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZCU208 xilinx-zcu208-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:
ZCU216 xilinx-zcu216-v20XY.Z-final.bsp This BSP contains:


Git repo Git Branches Git Tags Commit ID Comments
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 6cbb920f4de9e650dc361b8e487f139fd4c3c743 FSBL for Zynq-7000 is at embeddedsw/lib/sw_apps/zynq_fsbl
FSBL for Zynq UltraScale+ is at embeddedsw/lib/sw_apps/zynqmp_fsbl
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 6cbb920f4de9e650dc361b8e487f139fd4c3c743 PMU for Zynq UltraScale+ Firmware is at embeddedsw/lib/sw-apps/zynqmp_pmufw
git:// master xilinx-v2020.1 bc8445833318e9320bf485ea125921eecc3dc97a   
git:// xlnx_rebase_v5.4 xlnx_rebase_v5.4_2020.1 22b71b41620dac13c69267d2b7898ebfb14c954e Linux Kernel rebase version 5.4
git:// master xlnx_rebase_v2020.01_2020.1 86c84c0d0f916ec00d5d76a32dc9372a25429ca9 U-boot Version v2020.01
git:// master xilinx-v2020.1 e371d99ac19b9c4f3f98e6e6a3db1ea95091a50e   
git:// xilinx/release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 775913b2892a8c9b08dfa3db81b1cf93798399aa Xen Version 4.13
git:// xlnx_rebase_v2.2 xilinx-v2020.1 5918e656ef29dbdf234a6324ec85bc8a68eca113 ATF is based on upstream version 2.2
rel-v2020.1 No Tags 7631da21ae8552cd3f562c81ab541ac54fc6a382
Yocto 3.0.0 Zeus
git:// branch/xilinx-v2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 f128c06a10d45cfeadeb0fbff01ac63eaaaa104d   
git:// master xilinx-v2020.1 7014401c4a720dcdc1472ccd530cce1eb046454e   
git:// master xilinx-v2020.1 9ee43dbed82c088fdb91a1dbb8ba6ae4a2d18050   
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 b5ffa7ec36814cb52c1616dffea2c4ced51fee19   
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 8ad2b1323bdc98d580360e1a01006d70625c4e65   
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 7ecfd476deb054f354791cc1300ccba069e234f5   
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 38827a9172cfb1f0243547c04b2babc045d411ee   
git:// xilinx-master xilinx-v2020.1 a051c245c3e9f4d323d2fc697a9faf18264b6ffb GStreamer version 1.16.1
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 ffc05bce0bc02cb2cafd50914f01640dab47f274
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 19b2018f2c31c0011c78fa7300544165739dc91a
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 9aa8f9b9f1b5de43fa8557485d23fcb42d77d95d
git:// release-2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 10db9688beab0b11ea2e8c5b05d78c57a589ad03
git:// rel-v2020.1 xilinx-v2020.1 3a6e440b50263a3ed99492aba3e507d7c130355c   
    MB compiler version 9.2
ARM 9.2


Covers details for below components changes (new features/fixes) in a particular release.

  • Upgraded Yocto Project version to 3.0 Zeus release
  • Upgraded GCC too chain version to 9.2
  • Reduced installed tool size by removing minimal download and sstate cache files.
  • Yocto eSDK now is part of PetaLinux tools.
  • Added warnings message if the xsa changes in the specified directory.
  • Removed meta-plnx-generated layer from PetaLinux project to minimize build time.
  • Added compiler configuration in petalinux-config options for PMUFW and FSBL where you can pass PMUFW/FSBL Debug or Compiler flags to build.
  • Added support for remote source for apps when you create apps using petalinux-create commands.
  • Default PetaLinux build images are INITRD based.
  • Added support for building open source bootgen from PetaLinux for on-target use.
  • Added archiver option in petalinux-build command which will pack all the source and licenses of petalinux-build packages.
  • Added support for SD Image creation with required boot partition using Yocto WIC utility.
  • Added support for mechanism and infrastructure for users to work with readily available dtsi files instead of relying on XSA for FPGA Manager.
  • Added support for xen-image-builder in PetaLinux where it generates a U-Boot script with kernel offsets auto-calculated that can be used to load all of the binaries automatically and boot the full system.
  • Added support for unified kernel and rootfs images
    • Zynq-7000 devices
    • Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC/RFSoC devices

  • Mali headless egl backend now supports pixmap surface (particularly arm specific handle for dmabuf).
  • Incremental performance change over render to texture.


  • Fixed Debugging Linux kernel breaking point issue using Vitis.
  • Fixed U-boot QSPI flash configuration for maximum read speed.
  • Fixed XSA with MicroBlaze not working using PetaLinux 2019.2 release.
  • Fixed PetaLinux hang issue when you package R5 application to BOOT.bin using BIF attributes.
  • Fixed PetaLinux kernel config using bsg.cfg not propagating through kernel menuconfig.
  • Fixed PetaLinux "devtool update-recipe" issue for U-boot
  • Fixed Warning messages when sourcing PetaLinux tools on RHEL 7.6 
  • Updated U-boot deconfigs for MicroBlaze BSP.
  • Fixed error messages which copying images to /tftpboot directory.
  • Fixed build errors when external source pathc is assigned to a variable.

  • Fixed Pixmap offscreen rendering issue using MALI Headless backend.
  • Fixed eglCreateImageKHR API not working for YUYV format.

元件 说明 解决方法 To be fixed version
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